One fundamental exercise I can share with you right now, is simply the proper way to breathe. So many of us breathe in a particularly shallow manner, and do not use (and thus do not exercise) an important muscle in our body; the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is crucial for breathing and respiration and with training, proper posture and balance in the rest of the body, the diaphragm naturally strengthens and works in concert with surrounding structures, rather than in isolation.

Through this simple “paying-attention-to-the-breath” exercise, one can begin the process of becoming more aware of life’s allness and in the process, effortlessly begin to synchronize the mind to the body and the body to the mind.

To start; whatever you are doing…stop for a moment and put this word into your mind..”thinking.” Now, focus your attention onto your bellybutton; bring it into your belly and take a long, easy breath in through the nostrils. Keeping your bellybutton in, allow your diaphragm to expand, then, effortlessly, allow the diaphragm to push the air out from the belly, upwards and out through your lips. You can make the sound…”Shooof” as you exhale. Repeat the process.

Should you become distracted by a thought or a sound, recognize in your mind that word “thinking” and refocus onto the bellybutton.

Relax and go back to the breath.

This simple exercise of attending to your breath, thus synchronizing the mind and body to an activity, becomes an essential step toward experiencing the dawn of a new course-direction towards a healthier life!


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