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I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over 18 years and throughout my tenure, my clients have ranged in age from adolescents, upward. So when it comes to personal training, it should be no surprise that I’ve been presented with just about every kind of body type and with it (what you might call) every physical challenge to good health. I consider this vast experience a fortuitous gift, for it provides me with a rather impassioned history, and thus a deep knowledge of the physical.

Over the course of my career, I’ve garnered certifications by many of the nation’s top fitness organizations; The National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Fitness Professionals & Associates (special accreditation in Nutrition Counseling), The American Institute of Fitness Educators (special certification in Older Adult Fitness) The National Gym Association and The American Fitness Institute.

All of this learning and on the job experience has provided me with an enthusiastic education, but what truly gives me a unique perspective (in a rather general practice) is my “hands on” experience. For over six years, I’ve enjoyed a successful body-work practice as a certified Neuromuscular/Myoskeltal Alignment Therapist.

An avid reader and essayist; I find myself “integrally immersed” in many different physical training modalities.

These vastly different, but complementary areas of expertise, have contributed to a more enhanced, expansive and comprehensive knowledge base of how the body and mind work together–and sometimes don’t. So, I have created this new type of personal training as a means to “raise the bar” on a practice and an industry.

The Integral Personal Training method takes the usual training session and catapults it into a whole new arena: one where the mind and body are synchronized —where mindfulness and physical execution are brought together into one dynamic experience.

As a health and fitness writer, my columns have been published four years consecutively in a weekly, South Florida magazine, and one in Dallas. I’m most proud of the wide range of articles nationally published in Men’s Exercise and Exercise For Men Only magazines. I also enjoy being a lecturer, teacher and lifestyle coach.

Finally, I’m honored to be recognized for over 10 years by IDEA: the world’s leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals.

To our good health!

Michael Kasten, CPT/NMT/MAT.


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